Keeping Up with Kenyatta

Yatta B TV

Episode 1 "Brick By Brick"


Kenyatta Rashon and Komfy Ken LIBRA BDAY BASH


She's Pregnant    

I'm Having a Baby
The time has finally came where ya girl turns into a women, I am on the road to becoming a mom. This has always been a huge life changing situation I have anticipated my entire adulthood. I always wanted to accomplish so much before sharing my life as a wife and a mother. I have been so joyous since finding out. Now don't get it twisted, ya girl was scared at first, nervous actually (Lol, if you could of been a fly on the wall at that doctors appointment) I'm bringing new life into this world; this is a big deal.

My family has been very supportive, my man is extremely happy and my career is thriving and I'm having success in everything I touch, That's my consistent manifestation, Whatever I see and want I remind myself and then I go for it. My son is so loved already, and he's spoiled already and he already knows it. Soon very soon he will be in my arms, I'm thanking god in advance for a healthy smooth labor and delivery as well as a healthy happy baby. I have shared most of my journey on my social media pages, stay up to date by following me if you don't already.